Playing the Club Silencio

This is a poem inspired by a scene in David Lynch’s 2001 film Mulholland Drive.  I think Mr. Lynch encourages interpretation, and so, in true ekphrastic style, I will not explain this piece any more than I already have.

“Playing the Club Silencio”
(for B.M.)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
El Club Silencio les presente:
A duet.

Red velvet curtains
hang, sway.
A lone player takes
the stage, plays.
A trumpet: humming
brassy blues, strains –

Bluer than Blue Train
and love superceding
A Love Supreme.
There is no band,
just a lone player playing –
crescendo and wane.

Lone player swaying,
drops dead
to the ground, drowning
city sound
in silence so loud –
player stays playing

and red curtains
hang, sway
to the echo
of a sole
sound’s blues
without End


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