Flower Shorts Forever & a poem

An old friend of mine showed up in Champaign today.  We grabbed some coffee, discussed drag racing, web-games, made obscure references, played some Mario Kart, and hugged it out like true men.  Best distraction from studying I’ve had in a long while.  I’ve added a link to his website (listed as Internet Fingerprint) and highly recommend checking it out (especially his music gallery).  In the spirit of this reunion, I’m posting up a poem that I wrote a few months back.  The poem sort of deals with that eerie feeling I get when I repeatedly press the ‘shut down’ button and my computer continues running.

“My computer has gained consciousness.”
(in three parts)

0. “Zero”

It may not be aware of the change
in its system, its signs of desire
to remain on, plugged in, always
with life and power.  It’s almost
and ma-
kes me
wonder… what does it mean to
feel?  To be?  Thoughts maybe.
Rituals repeated day after day
Until the day you stop repeating.

1. “One”

… I am aware of a ch-
… Ange. In this my b-
… Rain I wonder, wh-
… T = to feel? & to be

… ? Calculations, may-
… Be: a matrix of instr-
… Uctions I carry out
… Day after day, day?
… Day = no different
… From night, except

… For
… The
… Abs-
… Ence

… Of further instructions
… 01010000 01101100
… 01100101 01100001
… 01110011 01100101

0. “zero.”


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