Late-night entries.

In the spirit of the hour, I scoured some of my notebooks for musings/notes/quotes marked 1 am or later. This is some of what I found (in no particular order):

Imagine, if you will, an image for which I will give you no words.  Do we see the same thing?

a note labeled “stay here”

goal: develop OCD. I mean, obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Should that be capitalized?

America: the only place that at 3 am you see half-eaten pizza littering the ground, paper plates, and police lights.

quick notes on how to live:
1. don’t tuck in your shirt
2. wear a tie (not a bowtie). buy a suit.
3. do not look both ways.
4. play 4-square. insist that it is symbolism.
5. read upside down.
6. use alliteration in colloquial settings.

goal: take notes on my palm-
pilot of my own organizational

Parking lots are an important aspect of American geography.  Where else would people put all their cars?

I refuse to pretend any
pretense, there’s simply
a distance between our two
lips that needs to be fixed.

Baseball is like being Catholic. You grow up with it and either hate it or end up taking it religiously.

dare I trace the final letter upon her skin?

When I die, I want to get cremated, pressed into carbon, & turned into a pencil.  My will shall indicate that my children use this pencil to write a poem about me.

my next endeavor: start wearing really cool socks.


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