Back in high school… a good friend & I had a very special book that we kept secret from all others. This book was no ordinary book. It held all the wisdom of a Taoist philosopher. We wrote notes back and forth in the margins, rewrote passages, and generally ruined a copy of a book that, not too long ago, was brought to my attention to be worth around $100.  Dumb dumb dumb dumb… whatever, no.  The book was worth much more to me marked & in all others’ eyes ruined.  But!  So as you friends & readers do not repeat my mistakes, let me impart upon you some words of wisdom (in the spirit of Laotse):

Magnetic north & the north pole are found in different locations.  Does this mean then a compass does not always lead you in the right direction?  Does your heart?


One Response to Wisdom

  1. Samijane613 says:

    Haha, that’s probably the greatest thing I’ve read this week… or will read, considering it’s Monday. You and Emma are awesome.

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