What Really Matters

“What really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films – these things matter.”
-High Fidelity

One final down & half studying for another today / half poring over Ibsen research / half letting my mind wander.  Anywho, I’m going to do something different and post a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately & think that you should, too.  Enjoy the sound that hits your ears, then go buy the album (& their new album, Fantasies, which was released in April).

Metric – The Twist
(WordPress only allows uploading mp3’s if you have the paid-for-package… so, please, be kind to your ears and direct yourself over to last.fm and have a listen)

Update: So… I was internet wandering & came across this wonderful idea: to google just exactly what it is that… “Garrett Needs.”  These are now my top 10 priorities:
1. Garrett needs a ride. (true, I’ll be going home soon)
2. Received extensive evidence concerning Garrett’s special needs. (well… yeah, okay)
3. Garrett needs help to find Cobra! (I assume this is Cobra of GI Joe canon)
4. Garrett needs more iron in his diet. (guess I can’t really contest this)
5. Garrett needs a jumper. (I… what?)
6. Garrett needs to get barber going. (my hair is fine, thank you)
7. Garrett needs to do something on this glorious of days. (like take a final!)
8. Garrett needs to prepare for tomorrow. (big day… research paper)
9. Garrett needs to hire a big name coach. (apparently I need to get more into sports)
10. Garrett needs to keep happy on offense. (HOOAH!!)

Did I mention that I am fascinated by the internet?
& while I’m on the subject… some of you might know that I have all but ceased watching television.  And replaced it with the interwebs.  While Stumbleupon is the glorious internet equivalent of channel surfing… there’s another great site that I (recently) discovered: http://www.condron.us/ which is, as the site puts it: channel surfing for blogs.  It’s kind of hit & miss, but did lead me to this wonderful discovery today: Lego sunglasses.  Now I just need to find where to buy a pair…


One Response to What Really Matters

  1. Kai says:

    That’s three halves… Where’d you get the extra brain capacity and how can I get some?

    Also, TV is overrated. Way too many commercials, for my liking. It’s far better to watch shows on the internets.

    And I have to say… That’s a pretty accurate list of what “Garrett Needs”. Scary…

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