Henrik & Patrick

My finals are finally done, took the last of them last night.  Now I can turn my full attention to my boy Henrik Ibsen and crank out some research on his poetry.  Actually, most of the leg work is already worked out, my research done… I just need to organize it into a coherent paper.  Maybe tied together by something my professor has been referring to as a “thesis,” whatever that is.  Seriously, I don’t understand these darned newfangled literary terms.  I just like to look at pretty pictures.  Speaking of pretty pictures!  My brother recently put together a photo-portfolio for a photog. workshop off in SomewhereIDidn’tGetTheDetailsOf, USA.  With his approval, I’ll post a link here on my blog so that all of yous guys & gals can take a look.  They are pretty stellar.

Patrick Traylor: A Photo-Portfolio

In celebration, I’m posting up some more long-exposure fun (this time completely raw & unedited):

Something to look into for those of you interested (and I know I have linguist friends, so don’t pretend you aren’t): translation theory.  It’s played a pretty interesting part in the way I’ve been looking at my research & Ibsen’s poetry (& prose for that matter) in translation.

Okay, time to get writing.


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