A(nother) Modest Proposal

Since being home, I have had a lot of down time allowing for some serious reflection… about life, the universe, and everything in between.  Home to me is Rock Island, Illinois.  And before I move back to Champaign for the summer, I would like to (modestly) propose several slogans in honor of this great city that I call home.

• Rock Island… “it’s not that bad.”
• Take a chance on Rock Island.
• Rock Island… “massages you gently, but when you want to be massaged harder, it won’t do it.”
• Rock Island… “there are some good neighborhoods.”
• Rock Island… “has reliable snow plowing services.”
• Rock Island… “could be worse.”
• A great place to raze a family.
• Rock Island… “better living here than dead.”
• Rock Island: Frolf Mecca
• Rock Island… “it’s pretty alright.”
• Rock Island… “not as half-assed as Milan.”
• Rock Island… “freezing in the winter, sweltering in the summer.”
• Rock Island… “it’s near a river or two.”
• Rock Island… “one of the five Quad Cities.”
• I… would come up with more slogans, but I’m from Rock Island.

Also: please note that the KGB Poetry Press is up and running today with the first posts.


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