I’m turning into my parents (Part 3)

I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  Things have been busy in real life.  As an indication of this: I have started making lists of things that I need to get done.  After about 3 or so lists… I realized what I was doing, broke out the Big Book of Bad Words, and then checked “turn into my father” off of one of the lists.

Genetics aside, I’m all moved into the apartment named A down ol’ Champaign way along with my friends Katie and Kaori.  I’m even more or less unpacked!  And taking up Erin’s afternoon vigil.  Well, as diligently as I can.  Though I hate to make my blog sound like too much of a journal, I feel like an update is in order so as you readers are not wondering if I had, in fact, dropped off the edge.  Fear not: only in my mind.  I began work today at previously mentioned Illinois library, working in the main stacks boxing up old books and doing other book-y maintenance type things.

Final thoughts: If you’re living in Champaign: give me a ring by telephone!  If you’re not living in Champaign: come for a visit, dummy!  Aaaaaand now that I’m back in Champaign… GO RED TEAM!


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