I’m turning into my parents (Part 4)

So in the past few days I have been watching a lot of the early 90’s show Twin Peaks.  This is mostly thanks to many of the episodes being posted right on the CBS website.  I don’t know, it’s addictive.  Anyhow, after watching a few episodes in a row you start to notice that all of the commercials they play in between segments are the same damn one about heart attack meds.  After hearing about some dude’s heart attack for the fifth or sixth time in a row, I began to mute the volume while the commercials played.  This is something my father does while watching TV… though it always bugged me because I kind of enjoy ads from time to time.  Just not when they play the same one over and over and over (and I know, the commercial says that it could happen to anyone, but I refuse to accept that while I am 20 years old. excuse me, 20 years young).  And it’s at louder volume than the show.  And… ahhh I hope this illness (heredity) is contained.


4 Responses to I’m turning into my parents (Part 4)

  1. MT says:

    Just hope it isn’t the going to bed at 8 or 9 that you inherit.

  2. Garrett Traylor says:

    ha, no worries: i’m not taking that up for at least another few weeks.

  3. Samijane613 says:

    Twin Peaks kicks ass, lame heart-attack commercials excluded. I’m glad to see you’re exposing yourself to David Lynch.

  4. poietes says:

    Twin Peaks was awesome. We would get to campus the next day and try to decipher what had gone on in the previous evening’s episode. Unfortunately, at that time it was harder to zap through commercials.

    Have you noticed the music by Sal Badalamenti?

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