Bad news / good news.

So, if you couldn’t deduce from my earlier post… today held some bad news. As it turns out, my bike received an above average daily dose of being stolen. See, usually the number of times my bike is stolen in a day is 0. Today it was 1. If you’re into math, you would know that is an incalculable increase in percentage of times stolen in a day. I don’t really do math myself, but I do know that the whole situation equates to a big Suck. Here’s the equation: My Bike – My Bike = Suck. If you’re a more vulgar kind of character, feel free to shift around some letters on the C side of the equation.

Now, I bet you’re tired of me turning math into words. Or words into math. Or talking about math in general. So let me enlighten you as to the good news half of my day (which is, in itself, divided into halves). First half: I took a lot of pictures today. I will post these. Second half: I went to the store today. County Market sells pickled herring. I bought some. I ate some. Third half: I got my apartment’s coffee maker working thanks to the magic of my friend Caitlyn bringing over some coffee filters. There. Non-math people happy? I’m pretty pleased with myself.


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