The way the world.

My brother (Pat) rolled into town this weekend with his ladyfriend and all around good gal Emalie & his friend and fellow photo-maker Brad. Pat is preparing for a move to Hutchinson, Kansas on Monday (tomorrow). So he spent the weekend here hangin’ out and sayin’ some temporary farewells. This led to many-an-interesting-experience. Upon his Thursday arrival we went over to his friend Maria’s place in Urbana, made sushi, went berry picking, and shot some arrows into haybails. Friday was spent enjoying Thai, exploring Walnut Street Tea, and wandering the streets of Urbana. We also hosted for ourselves a hummus party at my apartment. Things got classy. Upon realizing they had not much else to do, Pat and Emalie stuck around for an extra day to bum around. They finally parted ways this afternoon, and in turn my parents arrived and we too wandered about the downtown areas and checked out the Arboretum. I also bought a sweet new hat this weekend… and in a way, it’s as if I have always been wearing it. Anyhow, thanks to my brother’s sweet photographic action, there is extensive documentation of this weekend’s events. I’m sure he will have his favorites posted up on his blog in the next few days, but he granted me permission to post some here as well. Needless to say, however, I corrupted their integrity in photoshop. There are also a few of my own… I will give credit where it is due. Enjoy.


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