Group Wander, round 2.

As you may well know, I’m prone to wander – day, night, alone, or in company… it’s an eventuality. Tonight happened to be in company, taking to the Urbana streets with friends Shanza and Megan. As it stands, this was but round 2 of our little group’s many wanders to be. Earlier this summer we hiked up Krannert and around Champaign, sharing laughs and befriending a host of cockroaches. This wander resulted in a similar, yet unique, result. While I have some various photos from both, I shall first share a few of the night’s more pragmatic excerpts jotted in my journal along the way:

11:14 pm – embarking into the night, air smells of corn, faintly of shit – but that fades. air feels cool, fresh after a weekend cooped inside – good to get out, good to wander.

” I’ve been planning hiding spots around campus… in case.”

Listening to: birds chirping


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