The Journey Home.

Several things to tell after a week of internet absense. But where to start? Certainly not the beginning – the idea’s absurd. So, of course: we’ll start with the beginning.

I was born just a few weeks ago in the little town of Rock Island. In this short time I have already made it on to college, and this last weekend – the opportunity to return home. I hopped in the car and lo-and-behold I was back at the ranch. My parents and I, in typical Traylor fashion, took to the streets. We had a loverly little walk along the river, the purpose: to discover a place of importance from my childhood. I know. You’re thinking it should be easy to remember. After all, a few months ago I was a mere twinkle in the stars. But, there was a quantum singularity in my young mind. It seemed, alas, that I would have to discover. Again. This time for an essay at school, not my childhood enjoyment. But perhaps now, too… enlightenment.

While this first bit of the journey I only captured images, later on were also words…

After the river (or before), I took a walk about the ravine in my back yard back home. I did not find my younger world. It had, indeed, been swallowed by a singularity: progress. The neighbors were cleaning my memories right out of the ground – sodding leaves, lost army men, and soldiers – of the crayola crayon imperium. Now the ground lay flat, the neighbors stooping to remove pebble and rock. Smoothing out the edges. Built a rock wall – to contain their created pristine practicality, to wall out my imagination. The woods that once stood wild were combed of mane and tamed. I, like Muir, saw my temple disdained. My neighbors, standing by, looked on with smiling eyes. What had I lost? What had they gained? I sighed and returned… imagining what it would have been to from their eyes, or yet still – to have seen the Mississippi dry.

After the journey, my heart remained searching… so I watched a lot of Star Trek. Voyager, specifically. You know, ’cause thematically it was totally relevant. They’re lost in space, too. And the past few days have seen some writing – hopefully a new piece up in the next few days. In any case, home was nice. Simply nice. Cheers.

Listening to (oddly, again): Homecomings, Honey is Cool


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