Hello, school year.

August 24, 2009

Yes, the school year has begun. As I stood sipping my coffee in the shower this morning, I thought about what that means. Still pondering this as I pulled up a pair of matching socks, I settled on mixed feelings.  For one, the year has brought me to a new apartment. Granted, the outside of the building looks like a repurposed fallout shelter, but through the scratched metal basement door is a glorious apartment. I am now living with my friend Isaac and his girlfriend Brenda. I’ve spent most of the past few days setting up my apartment, getting settled in. I bought a few empty frames… plan on hanging some of my brother’s photos. Then, as I’ve already indicated: school started. Already I’m into the swing of things. Or the swing of things are into me. Somehow/someway the ball of knowledge is rolling and I can’t help but get swept up as in a snowball. Maybe that’s too poetic… but it’s Monday #1 and I’m already heavy into reading. Perhaps this is not so for other students. I’m just excited to learn. In any case, I will be quite busy. Posts will be less frequent. Or about as frequent as they have been the past few weeks. I’m a writer, so sue me. Okay, at the very least, I will try to make periodic content updates… you know, new poems, essays, research, yada yada etc etc. More words, more words, okay, I’m going to bed. Welcome back, Illinois!

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There and Back Again.

August 18, 2009

Long time, no update. The metaphorical “you” might be wondering what I’ve been up to. Though my previous post does, in fact, explain this, it does not go into much detail. This, perhaps, is due to the fact that when I posted my last post I was further back in time than I am now. At this point in my life, however, I am much more informed and aware as to my present condition. Now to relay this to you:

I arrived as planned in Ann Arbor on the 14th of this month, reuniting with my friend of yore Daniel Freeman. As it turns out, he’s been spending his time curing African Sleeping Sickness. You know, nothing major. First night we spent whooping zombie ass in Left 4 Dead. As it turns out, video games are awesome: that one in particular. We had an early night, hitting the road to London, Ontario, in the morning. Travelling with us was Daniel’s girlfriend, Lucciana. She’s a music-makin’ kinda gal, and I got the chance to listen to her CD, which was just released. I’ve added a link to her website so you might check it out for yourself (which I would recommend you do).

Once in London, we set up their new apartment and hit the town. This was mostly for purposes of dinner and beers (which, as it turns out, is legal in Canada – dinner, too). We then spent our Sunday geocaching. This was one of the more awesome activities I have partaken in as of late. If you don’t want to check out the website, the jist is this: people hide little caches with logbooks for finders to sign. Some caches also contain little prizes that finders may take and replace with equally tiny trinkets. It’s like a global treasure hunt using your GPS. Sort of gives purpose to wandering. Anyway, we found one from which I claimed a teeny pin and left a floor tile we found along the way. Maybe it sounds junky, but it was treasure to me. It’s all in the way you look at it. After the first, we were unsuccessful in locating any more caches for the day. So we resigned ourselves to the floor of Dan & Lucci’s apartment and sat sadly in the dark. After turning in early, we hit the road again in the morning.

But! Before we could even get out of Canada, the police pulled us for. For pot?! Even worse, maybe cocaine?! Who knows what some kids driving a truck with Michigan plates might be smuggling! No, as it turns out, there was no smuggling going on at all: we just ran a yellow light (which, as far as I knew, was legal) and got away with a warning (again, for breaking what law I am unsure). In any case, it got our hearts beating… but was really of no consequence. We made it back to Michigan safe. One last night there was spent playing video games with Daniel (gee, I do that a lot, don’t I?).

And now I’m home. For a few days, anyway. Here are some pictures from geocaching:

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Moving out & on.

August 5, 2009

I sit on my bed amongst boxes and books  and see quite clearly this summer is at its end. For me, this end seems a daze – a rush of days mixing into one. I simply know what is before and behind. Deadlines and finals approach. My writings and wanderings fade into the past. Not to say they will end, but I seem to be packing the memories away along with all else that’s accumulated in my room. My attentions are instead focused on an environmental autobiography due tomorrow, a statistics final on Friday, and immediately from there – helping my friend Alex move to Indiana, then back on Saturday to finish packing and off Sunday to Bloomington for a short stay with Kyle. After that, a stint in Rock Island until next Friday, where I will be again off on the road – this time to Ann Arbor to see a very old and very good friend of mine, Daniel. Oddly, I’ll be helping him move into his new flat in Canada the following day. Moving, moving, moving. Yes, the summer is already behind me. Before me: adventure.

Somehow a photo doesn't quite do justice to the clutter that is my room, though it aids the imagination.

Somehow a photo doesn't quite do justice to the clutter that is my room, though it aids the imagination.

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