Hello, school year.

Yes, the school year has begun. As I stood sipping my coffee in the shower this morning, I thought about what that means. Still pondering this as I pulled up a pair of matching socks, I settled on mixed feelings.  For one, the year has brought me to a new apartment. Granted, the outside of the building looks like a repurposed fallout shelter, but through the scratched metal basement door is a glorious apartment. I am now living with my friend Isaac and his girlfriend Brenda. I’ve spent most of the past few days setting up my apartment, getting settled in. I bought a few empty frames… plan on hanging some of my brother’s photos. Then, as I’ve already indicated: school started. Already I’m into the swing of things. Or the swing of things are into me. Somehow/someway the ball of knowledge is rolling and I can’t help but get swept up as in a snowball. Maybe that’s too poetic… but it’s Monday #1 and I’m already heavy into reading. Perhaps this is not so for other students. I’m just excited to learn. In any case, I will be quite busy. Posts will be less frequent. Or about as frequent as they have been the past few weeks. I’m a writer, so sue me. Okay, at the very least, I will try to make periodic content updates… you know, new poems, essays, research, yada yada etc etc. More words, more words, okay, I’m going to bed. Welcome back, Illinois!

Listening to: Up from Below, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros


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