My apartment. And stuff. And things.

Finally, a weekend!  How odd, I haven’t had one of these in something like two weeks.  School has consumed me — but in the most excellent of ways.  I’ve a full load of six classes (this including one independent study), all of which are actually quite interesting.  I have also been submitting various works of poetry for publication (and now tingling with anticipation over rejection letters).  Most of my study abroad applications have also been taken care of — hello Uppsala in the Spring!  Eh?  Yeah, I’m excited.  Sadly, this is about as detailed as I can get with most of my school life as of late.  Needless to say: I have been busy.  I did, however, have the chance this Friday to hang out with my high school buddy Kevin and wander about the Iowa City streets on football game day (intense).  I was unfortunately only able to stay for a night, as I had to return to Rock Island to get some things in order.  These things being a record player, assorted DVDs, and my typewriter: all of which I will be bringing back with me to Champaign.  I also searched nearly an hour in vain for my copy of 1984.  On the plus side, I picked up a copies of Ginsberg’s HOWL and de Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater during my brief stay in Iowa City.  I also picked up a sweet new poncho and a pair of goggles.  You know, for skit och fnittar.  Anyhow, I’d like to throw at you some pictures of my new apartment and of myself after a visit to Iowa City this last Friday.  Fun times.


2 Responses to My apartment. And stuff. And things.

  1. Samijane613 says:

    I’m so glad you picked up Howl.
    Part 3 is my favorite.

    Also, In the Back of the Reel might be his greatest work.

  2. Garrett Traylor says:

    yeah, it’s been one of my favorites for a while, nice to finally have a copy of it. haven’t read in the back of the reel though — i’ll have to check it out. that is, as soon as i clear my current reading palate. i’ve been reading alfred jarry’s ‘pataphysics & this fun half epistolary / half lipogram novel “ella minnow pea”. plus, you know, school. good times, i tell ya.

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