My Latest Best Idea Ever.

So, after filling about 9 pages of my new notebook in a day… I’ve decided to start a webcomic.  The premise: “a noir tale of  literary insomnia, madness, and adventure.”  The cast: myself and my good friend Kyle as represented by a pair of characters we have coauthored in stories of high adventure since high school – Gate and Kai.  Presumably, we will be facing foes from literature and history, along with characters from our own writings – while at the same time battling our ever deepening madness.  Anyhow, Kyle will be helping me write the panels.  For now, enjoy the two character sketches I have made.

Listening to: Pyramid Song, Radiohead


3 Responses to My Latest Best Idea Ever.

  1. How grand! I can’t wait to see it begin.

  2. katie says:

    whose the 2nd character?

  3. Garrett Traylor says:

    That would be my good friend Kyle. Have you not met the boy? He’ll be here for my birthday.

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