I’m turning into my parents (hardcore edition).

So, today in my communications course we had a little contest for how to find information on the internet.  I know, how perfect.  Anyway, the set-up: 11 questions, who can answer the most over a given amount of time.  I’d had my morning coffee.  My fingers worked like magic.  I came up with a total of 11 answers.  Sure, two of my answers were a little wishy-washy (how many searches are made on Google per day [to which no accurate data can be found anyway] and who owns the domain name for Transmeta [to which I only found ownership of the now defunct company, not the domain]).  But the rest… wooo.  Anyway, my prize was an Espresso Royale gift card.  I won coffee!  And after class my teacher said to me, I shit you not, “Garrett, you should become a librarian.”  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I was so proud.

On another note: earlier this week I found myself strutting about with a tucked in t-shirt (’cause, you know, it’s cold).  And then I realized: my father does this.  I left it tucked in.

And another thing: we recently read a series of children’s books in my Swedish class, to which I immediately thought “oh I can’t wait to share these with my mom.”  Then I thought, “damn, this is probably what my mom thinks when she gets a new kids book.”  Probably why?  Because my mother still loves reading me children’s books.  The ones she reads in her library.  Or at the very least outlaying the plot to me to a t.

And on a final note: as some of you may know, I received Xanadu for my birthday from one of my good friends.  I’ve been showing it off to (most notably my roommates), and can quote myself saying, “I’m so going to raise my kids on this movie.”  Then I realized, “oh no, that’s what my parents did to me.”

Mom and dad, what did you do to meeeee?

Ah, what a wonderful day.

Listening to: Tropical Iceland, The Fiery Furnaces


3 Responses to I’m turning into my parents (hardcore edition).

  1. MT says:

    We are soooo proud!

  2. Pat says:

    Man, that was hardcore…

  3. kaistevenson says:

    Hmmm… I think I’m going to hit you the next time I see you. All this Xanadu talk. I’ve had enough.

    On another note… I’ll be seeing you soon. GRE, Thanksgiving, and Birthday failures all in one week? How lucky.

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