On grilled cheese.

This is what I ate today: Better than average grilled cheese.

This is the (almost) verbatim conversation my brother and I had about it:

Pat:  So is your grilled cheese better than average?
Me:  Why, how did you know?
Pat:  Not unlike the Obsidian Order, I have my ways of finding information.  BAM Star Trek reference.
Me:  Well, then yes.  It is better than average.  I also have pita chips.  And hummus.
Pat:  Nice.
Me:  So that’s 2x hummus in this better than average meal.
Pat:  That’s certainly better than average.  I guess there is a direct correlation between the amount of hummus added to things and their increased better than averageness.  However, I’m sure the law of decreasing marginal utility still applies when you reach a certain saturation.
Me:  Probably.  Though if you remove all other foods and are left with 100% hummus content, it’s still quite delicious.
Pat:  Mmm.
Me:  I mean, what do you do if you run out of chips?  You eat the hummus.  Conversely, if you run out of hummus, you stop eating the chips.  Until you have more hummus.  Simple rule.
Pat:  Indeed.
Me:  Final note: the grilled cheese was, in fact, so much better than the average grilled cheese that I’m going to blog about it.
Pat:  Nice.

And I did.  The end.

Listening to: Swordfish Hotkiss Night, Empire of the Sun


One Response to On grilled cheese.

  1. Garrett Traylor says:

    Just in case anyone was wondering: when I was home over Thanksgiving break I discovered that my father had printed, framed, and hung this conversation on the kitchen wall. Kthxbye.

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