Research paper.

So, I’ve been attempting to start this 12-page research paper on Ingmar Bergman, Swedish film-maker extraordinaire.  Here’s what I have so far:

Ingmar Bergman was a cool cool cat.  He made movies.  And plays, too.  He created his own cinematic universe by reusing a lot of themes throughout these works.  For instance, think about The Silence, Persona, and Cries & Whispers.  Case in point.  Makes a lot of sense, right?  The end (’cause he’s dead).

So, uh, what do you think?  Good enough, yeah?

Listening to: people mill about in the coffee shop.


2 Responses to Research paper.

  1. Samijane613 says:

    I think you have to mention the seventh seal, then you’re good.

  2. Garrett Traylor says:

    Extenuating circumstances force me to bar mention of that film from my research.

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