Flash fiction.

I recently recovered a collection of flash fiction entitled “The Exploits of Mr. Tuesday,” which I had written in high school.  Many of the stories were extremely odd, had nothing to do with the character in question, and/or made no sense at all.  I have decided to post one of my favorites – a story that did actually have some coherency and that was, in fact, about the title character.  Behold: an exploit of Mr. Tuesday…

“I need your phone,” said Mr. Tuesday.  He’d been clutching a hand to his neck for going near fifteen minutes and had decided that he really needed to use a phone after those fifteen minutes.  Of course, he would have desired to use a phone earlier if the opportunity had been provided, which it had not.  The secretary gave him a proper stare, more judgmental than quizzical.  She tapped her finger on her chin.  Once, twice, and for another minute or so.  “It’s slightly urgent,” iterated Mr. Tuesday, to which the secretary replied, “Yes, I can see that,” and continued to stare.  At this point Mr. Tuesday took it upon himself to rip the phone from the desk and apply it to his neck, which had been bleeding profusely for the past quarter of an hour, as a band-aid.  “Thank you,” he tried to say, then promptly passed out from the loss of blood.  This was not his day.

Listening to: E18, Detektivbyrån

Trying to: go to sleep.


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