The Xanadune Cycle

So I seem to be back in Rock Island again.  This is definitely a setback to my sanity.  Plus, my mother has been pushing cookies upon me like a crack dealer to a third grader.  This is, of course, despite my handicap of generally disliking sweets.  I’m weird, okay?  Speaking of which, the greatest activity since being home has been the completion of the Xanadune Cycle.  What’s this, you ask?  It’s a recursion of cinematic glory.  The algorithm goes something like this: watch Xanadu, Dune, Xanadu, Dune, Xanadu, Dune, back and forth until they become one entity: Xanadune.  The Cycle is then complete, you have lost your sanity, and suddenly Rock Island doesn’t seem so bad.

In other news, Christmas has been all but cancelled in my little house on the Rock.  Although I must admit I am now the proud owner of a new netbook.  This is more out of necessity than holiday spirit, however, as my old laptop was truly toeing the edge.  Really.  It was missing a key or two, could barely keep its screen up, and was on the verge of senility.  Youth steps in to save the day, and that’s really what Christmas is all about, right?  Wait, no, that’s the pagan holiday of Easter.  Keep mixin’ my metaphors.  Well, when in Rome.

Listening to: blah blah blah blah FIVE GOLDEN RINGS, etc etc. (that’s for you, Bob)

P.S. For those of you who might not know, I have again ridded myself of Facebook.  Hopefully this blog will turn into a legitimate source of information about my adventures abroad.  That or I’ll get into Twitter.  Ha!


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