Counting down the days in a cocktail of anticipation.  Excitement for what may come and anxiety over what I leave behind.  Despite my most stalwart assurances to my mother that I will be leaving the entirety of my preparation to the last minute, I have, in fact, been gathering slowly.  I’m allowed one carry on and two checked bags, and am absolutely fascinated by the prohibited items listed for the flight.  Although I am prohibited from bringing spear guns and knives in my carry on luggage, I was pleased to discover that toy transformer robots are A-OK.  I will, of course, be taking advantage of that allowance and packing my lucky Fixit micromaster transformer.  Other than that and a few items of clothing, the rest of my baggage has yet to be determined.  I aim to pack light.

Oh — and I also recently had the great pleasure of calling Scandinavian Airlines to confirm passport information and to assure the authorities that I am not a terrorist.  Standard procedure nowadays it would seem.

Listening to: Dom som försvann, Kent


4 Responses to Countdown

  1. Sweet says:

    Don’t forget, you can bring liquid nitrogen and cigar cutters, but not lighters that look like guns (not even in your checked luggage)!

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      True enough my friend. My favorite allowances are actually both safety matches and aerosol. Apparently you’re allowed the materials to Rorschach the plane. Hope you got some good R&R over break. Shame I won’t be seein’ you back at school this next semester. But, you know, Sweden calls. Take it easy mate

  2. Claire says:

    Do not prepare! DON’T DO IT

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Too late, I’ve packed my bags. With a checklist, too. Although I did adamantly reject the “money belt.” I refuse to be that prepared. HEAR THAT SWEDEN? I’M ROBBABLE! Good luck get anything of value, though, ha…

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