The poetics of praxis may be parsed as the construction of the gendered body.

What’s that mean?  I don’t know, but it sounds like something you might hear in academia.  And that’s the idea!  Thanks to UChicago, creating academic sounding theses is easy!  Hello new tool to use on every paper I ever write!  Now, before you go slamming me for “bullshit,” think about any real academic journal or article you’ve ever read.  They all sound almost exactly like that cookie-cutter nonsense.  I should know, I hope to do this for a living.

On another note, I’ll just remind you readers for the third or fourth time that I’m about to fly to Sweden in two days.  Exciting, no?  Well, I thought so.  I just spent this past weekend helping my brother move to Peoria for his internship at the Star, and hanging out at coffee shops with one of my best friends who (unfortunately) lives there.  I also managed to track down a classic VHS copy of Dune from one of the local Goodwills.  At least Peoria is good for something.  One of the coffee shops (Penachos? I don’t know, I forget things — help me if you know the place) had a cd exchange where I tried to get a copy of “Annihillation Machine” for some good road music on the way to Bloomington.  Of course, the cd didn’t work and so although I left town frustrated, the actual experience wasn’t too bad.  And now to tie in the rambling nonsense of today’s post’s title.  The (aforementioned) coffee shop also has a nice selection of books for patronly perusal.  My goodfriend (kind of like a goodwife, except less Puritan and less married) took great care to read to me in detail from one of the shop’s most informational titles: “Girl Talk.”  Now that I have long hair, I found the information contained to be most useful, such as (wanted and unwanted) hair care, good nutrition, smiling techniques, and other things with little or nothing* to do with personality (*read: what little to do with personality this book contained was only to say that girls shouldn’t have any).  Quite a progressive book!  Thanks 1978.

And then I spent last night in Bloomington playing video games with another of my good goodfriends, Kyle (less Puritan, more married).  I even stayed up past midnight.  Buh.

Time to hit the road.

Listening to: kitten videos on the internet (there’s one where they sing)


One Response to The poetics of praxis may be parsed as the construction of the gendered body.

  1. brenda says:

    hope everything goes well… im very happy and excited for you… :) see ya around.

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