Välkommen till Sverige!

I have arrived.  The past few days have gone a little something like this: get off plane, “wow I’m in Sweden,” drag baggage to bus, “wow I’m in Uppsala,” drag baggage to Akademihotelet, “wow I’m in Uppsala too early to move in,” drag baggage to hostel, wish I’d packed lighter, stay in hostel, drag baggage to Akademihotelet, take bus (or two) to Flogsta, wish I’d packed lighter, move in (yay!), have no internet (boo!), drag myself back to Akademihotelet, use their internet, wander around town, then finally make my way to a little reception for internationals like myself at Västgöta.  After so much wandering, it seems self evident that I should need a bicycle, so I ask.  “Well, you could either see if anyone in your building has posted something about selling one, or you could get it the Uppsala way.”  “?,” I respond.  “Steal one.  That’s how I got my bike.  Otherwise they sell for about 800:-”  And that’s the official word.  Couldn’t get any advice about classes, and precious little about the orientation week, but I have immediately been told to steal a bike.  Oh, and was told where to find the nearest Systembolaget.  Anyhow, I went to a little market today and bought a small ration of tomatoes, bread, salami, and apples which will serve as my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next few days until I’m forced to spend more precious kronor.  Hopefully I’ll be opening a bank account soon, probably tomorrow.  If banks are open on Sundays.  Seems like I can’t do anything until Monday.  Like get internet (oh, yeah, I’m stealing mine  right now — thanks Sberla!).  Time to munch on some apples and wander off to a meet and greet.  La la la.

Oh, and here’s my room:

There’s also a floor kitchen just a bit down the hall, maybe photos of that later… not tonight, though.  Like I said, tonight’s meet and greet.  Grumble grumble.


5 Responses to Välkommen till Sverige!

  1. MT says:

    Room looks good! Sore arms! So gor det! :)

  2. Claire says:

    If you look long enough you can find a bike that’s just unlocked, buy a lock and keep it around.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Look long enough? Them unlocked bikes is everywhere. Just ripe for the me not stealing them. Because that would be bad.

  3. kaistevenson says:

    If you get thrown in Swedish jail for stealing a bike, I’m not going over there to bail you out. Good to see you made it over there without too much trouble, though.

  4. Garrett Traylor says:

    Apparently I’ve given the impression that I stole a bike. Please note that this is not the case. No bike stealing for Garrett.

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