I’m a terrible American.

I’ve been accused of being a terrible American.  Apparently, I don’t watch enough television.  I found this out when talking to a pair of Irish and a pair of Swedes at last night’s pub quiz at Kalmar.  It also seems that I don’t know enough about football and too much (which is actually very little) about soccer.  I was also shamed into admitting that I have not taken part in a toga party.  Nor, really, any frat parties.  Well, I’m not too ashamed about the frat part, but I’d always kind of assumed that toga parties were synonymous with college.  On that front, I do feel quite deprived.  Let it be known right now, friends back home, that when I return I fully expect a toga party to be thrown in my honor.  And by the by, I think that bit of egotism puts me back in the American running, yeah?

Fun fact: I was at the university library’s cafe the other day (the Cafe Carolina), and was quite stunned to discover lätt öl on the menu.  For those of you unfamiliar, lätt öl means “light beer,” and is the kind of beer one might find at a grocery store (meaning, it has 3.5 or less % alcohol content, rather than the heavier stuff that one can only find at the Systembolaget [the government’s liquor store monopoly]).  If I might reiterate, although it’s light beer, it’s still beer.  At the library.

Listening to: Tes Lacets Sont Des Fées, Dionysos


4 Responses to I’m a terrible American.

  1. kaistevenson says:

    You could be worse things than a terrible American. Some people are terrible human beings. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a toga party, either. We’ll make plans for one for sometime in the summer. And, on some level, it makes sense that there was alcohol at the library, though I’m a bit surprised it was light beer instead of wine. A bit of a buzz makes the words flow freer.

  2. samantha says:

    Damn. We need to figure out how to get this service in our library.

  3. Claire says:

    You also fail at being American because you didn’t require two plane seats on the way over (how was that flight anyway?) Perhaps if you try hard enough you can organize a toga party there, and lead it as though its an American’s natural way of life. Good luck!

  4. When you return, we will make it our duty to find a toga party before you graduate. That, along with attent a frat party and be inside of a sorority house somehow, are both on my list of things to do before graduating. All that is left is the sorority house, but I’ll gladly dress up like an idiot in the name of fun with you, because, really, how else do I spend my weekends?

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