Really, California?

It would seem that Merriam-Webster’s 10th Edition Dictionary joins the list of banned books.  Words are SCARY, in’t they?  Read about it here.  Good luck with that United States, glad to be a world away.  Speaking of the European front, who’s been up to date on the Irish blaspheme laws?  Here’s a nice blog about it.  And that’s my chunk of Western World News for the day.

On the personal front, not too much interesting happening.  I am, however, standing an anthropological observation project at the Cafe Carolina in the university’s library for my ethnology course.  For those of you wondering, the difference between anthropology and ethnology is whether or not you are studying culture from the outside or inside, respectively.  As it is a more student centric part of Uppsala, perhaps it is still in part ethnology, as there is definitely a difference between student/youth culture and national culture.  There also seem to be a great deal of academics from abroad wandering through the Cafe Carolina, so perhaps this, too, ties me to it in a more ethnological sense.  Furthermore, as the observations come from my own personal experience, not drawn upon texts and works of others (yet, although published text will eventually factor in to the final project), I could even say this is part autoethnography.  Here I am writing about the start of this project, bringing the focus directly to me.  This is my project and my observations, giving it a very first person, less ‘culturally broad’ approach.  Of course, then I’ll have to get political.  Hmm… here’s a game: see how much people enjoy talking politics while getting fika.  And whether they speak in Swedish or another language.  All kinds of fun questions I can ask myself during this project.  Another fun part: the interviews.  I have a legitimate reason to hang out in a coffee shop and sit down with random strangers to ask them questions.  How exciting.  That’s all for today.

Listening to: An Eluardian Instance, Of Montreal


3 Responses to Really, California?

  1. SamiJane613 says:

    I love how this dictionary controversy is taking place 30 minutes outside the porn capital of the world. This made me laugh, and it’s fun to read about your you-centric adventures in Sweden.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Ha, touche. As for my adventures, I could outsource them to India, but I find keeping them me-centric is more authentic to the face of the business. In any case, glad to see you’re reading. I hear you’ve been doing pretty well, yourself. And by pretty well, I mean… really, Sam, keep yourself going! Shite.

  2. kaistevenson says:

    New post at KGBpoetrypress.

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