City of Radiant Objects

February 27, 2010

At this point in the night I’m quite deep in Danielewski’s House of Leaves.  This in combination with my friend Holly’s passing comment about whether thoughts take up physical space has led me to reread a favorite short story of mine.  The story in question is Norman Lock’s “City of Radiant Objects.”  Credit where credit is due, I would never have heard of this wonderful piece of literature without my friend Kyle telling me about it in the first place.  So to my dear friends, to give definition to my gratitude for all you do would be to diminish it by limiting it.  As it is, this gratitude is ever expansive.  Ever elusive.  I hope only I repay in kind.  …  Woah, that was a bit overly genuine for my tastes.  Let me rephrase: hey suckers, feed me culture so I can brag about it later.

Anyway, here’s a link to that story:  Please excuse the website’s poor formatting.  The story can also be found on Google Books, but this link is much more concise.  Prettier on this end, if you will.  If you’d rather enjoy it in faithful formatting, look it up on Google Books for yourself, or track down a paper copy (my own copy being in Forms at War (and by my own copy I mean Kyle’s copy that he lent me (sorry you won’t be getting it back for a while, I went and ditched the country))).

Oh, and in case you missed it, Sweden took curling gold this weekend at the Olympics.  Epic 11th.

Time to catch some Z’s.

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February 27, 2010

Time to indulge in my favorite hobby: narcissism!  Okay, really I was practicing some uke into my webcam (a totally legitimate activity — listening to yourself practice helps!) when I got bored and started takin’ pictures of myself so you all can see just exactly what Sweden’s done to me.  Eventually I’ll get some video up so your ears will get something to cringe at as well.  Can’t let your eyes have all the fun now can we?

(What, you want pictures of Sweden?  Pfffft.  Come take ’em yourself.  I’m busy in the mirror.)

Next up: media project!  Homework on a Saturday night!  I am a machine that turns weekends into raw excitement!  Too wild to be controlled by any conventional means!

… Mostly I wish I was the tagline for a movie poster in the 1950’s.

Listening to: Pierce Avenue, Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (totally a coincidence — my entire library’s on shuffle).

P.S. Sorry for all the exclamation marks.  Think of it as residual imagery from my last post.

I’m rich!

February 26, 2010

Oh… my… god you guys I’m just so excited!!  You would never believe it but today when I checked my email I discovered that I totally won £500,000.00!!!!!  My email has a spam blocker to so I know it’s not spam either!!!1  Its so cool that The-Big-Big-Lotto Team UK would pick me to win because I’m American but I guess they pick by email and guess who’s lucky email was picked mine that’s who!!!  The email was something like this “You won £500,000.00GBP. Ticket number00002765649541,Serial numberBIG-3673050706-07 and luckynumbers(46)0023/4440/20/89. Contact Benham Cole, E-mail:” except I wited out all the numbers so you can’t steal my big winnings!!  (I know your jelous!!)  Bahamas HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!11111

<3 PEACE <3

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I’m Turning Into My Parents (Part 6).

February 22, 2010

Oh, and I just discovered that I’m eating my leftover spaghetti cold.  I briefly considered microwaving it before deciding, nah, it’ll warm up as I eat it.  Then I gave myself a nice smack to the forehead.  Even half a world away, there’s no escaping it.  Thanks, dad.

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More things.

February 22, 2010

Started a new class today (Monday) — Image, Identity and New Media.  Should be pretty interesting.  More Swedish tomorrow, then developing my essay topic over the next few days for my Swedish Society and Everyday Life course for when we meet again a week from now (Monday next).  In other news: I spent a good amount of time this weekend reading Danielewski’s House of Leaves.  Very good book and I’m looking forward to getting through it over the course of this week.  Then maybe adventuring about greater Sweden this weekend?  I’d planned to do this about two weekends ago but I’d ended up with a bit of a cold.  I know, I know, this little report isn’t too interesting.  But you know what is?  This man’s entry to the 2008 Australian Society of Magicians’ annual competition.  If you enjoyed Arrested Development, prepare to have your mind blown:

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Bigger than myself.

February 20, 2010

Last night I started putting a couple of my poems to music.  This was actually thanks to my friend Anna (the one with the piano in her room) who, at the last ‘music night’ came up with the brilliant idea.  Anyway, I wandered by and started reading while she plunked away some tunes.  I won’t lie — most of it turned out to be awful.  I’ve got a very specific slam style in which I read a lot of my poetry and they came out clunky and awkward next to the flowing piano rhythms.  Then Anna started to play something with a bit more of a classical, haunting sound, and I started reading my poem “Do the Pages Dream?”  The tones matched.  We had our first winner.  We ran through it a couple of times to get the sound right, then had a go at some other pieces.  Again, she went with a darker sound and I jumped in with “The Buttonmaker.”  I’d had reservations about reading the piece to music, but when we got through it, I had chills.  I mean, the sound of that poem against Anna’s music was nothing short of scary.  After a few more run-throughs, we called it a night.  I’m really hoping we can get this recorded at some point, because I’d love to share it with you all.  It’s an amazing feeling to hear my words turn into something bigger than myself with just a little bit of collaboration.  Anyway, just wanted to share a bit of my creative energy.  Love and peace.

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In Dreams (Part 2).

February 19, 2010

Here’s the latest installment from my Dream Journal (actually clocked in from February 13th, but the latest that I’ll be sharing).  This is probably the most accurate account of a dream I’ve managed so far.  I even gave it a title (because it’s that epic).  So worth the trouble of concentrating in the morning…

“Life on the Road: The Adventures of Business Cop”

I’d just been hired on as an assistant to this questionable dude who drove around in truck (from here on out I will refer to him as Business Cop, the most accurate guess I can muster up about his profession).  Largely the details of my position were unclear, just that I was supposed to follow him around on errands.  We’d been driving around for a while when Business Cop saw a homeless man [from here on out I will refer to him as Homeless Man] wheeling a suitcase in tow, stopped, and asked Homeless Man if he would like to join us, which he did.  Apparently Business Cop and Homeless Man were old friends.  Then we made a stop at a random McDonald’s on one of our errands.  The manager came out to talk to Business Cop, giving us a speech about how he was thinking about expanding the chain, that it had been a big hit here in Sweden (apparently this dream took place here in Sweden).  He was even thinking about making commercials.  He seemed so excited, in fact, that he gave Homeless Man a free sandwich.  Homeless Man took a bite then asked me to hold on to the rest for a while, telling me, “Don’t eat it.  Just hold it,” then walking off, still dragging his suitcase.  In the meantime, Business Cop had started inspecting the McDonald’s silverware (which was actually real metal of some sort, notably not plastic).  He found one with a particularly interesting design and started to explain to the manager how he (Business Cop) thought the design was just that: “particularly interesting,” and that he “had to have it,” asking the manager if he could “please keep the spoon — as a souvenir.”  The manager seemed enthusiastic about the idea, although Business Cop refused to let this rest with a simple “yes,” forcing the manager to give repeated assurances that, yes, this (taking the spoon) was an okay thing to do.  The manager insisted, yes, take the spoon, that with the upcoming expansion he’d just be reeling in the new silverware and that, if he cared about every spoon that walked out of his McDonald’s then he “wouldn’t be the man he is today.”  As we made our way to leave, Business Cop made a rather awkward announcement to the manager, telling him, “You should tell your mother I’m a cop.”  Then we walked out, Business Cop completely enthralled with his spoon.  When we got outside, Homeless Man was waiting in the parking lot, rummaging through his suitcase.  He asked me for his sandwich back.  I gave it to him and he stuffed it into his suitcase, then walked off in a huff.  I think Business Cop and I were about to go off on another errand, but I woke up.

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