New Edgy Layout!

After recent accusations that I’m boring, I’ve decided to give the blog a new and edgy layout: sandbox 1.1.  Totally raw!  I’d also like to point out a few goals of mine.  Firstly: get a legitimate domain for my blog (and maybe some real formatting).  Secondly: I may have talked recently about the dream journal I’ve been keeping.  I’ll be trying to post one of these once or twice a week, depending on the quality of my dreams.  Mostly I find them kind of disturbing and often wake up feeling uncomfortable.  Like David Lynch uncomfortable.  Anyway, one last thing: I’ve changed the blog heading to classify this as a “blog absurda” instead of the former “blog poetica.”  I haven’t posted too many poems, although I’ve been writing regularly-ish (although I see my friend Kyle’s actually been keeping up on the KGB Poetry Press (I’ll post some comments soon I swear, maybe even a poem grumble grumble).).  Anyway, the point of the change being that in addition to posting mundane stuff about my adventures abroad, I’m also going to start a nice internet reel!  Because really, I love the internet.  And interwebs just begs to be P2P’d.  In spirit of the attempted movie night tonight (we were going to watch Star Trek), here’s the first taste of this internet absurdity:

Listening to: The above video on repeat.  I really shouldn’t post this late at night.  Brain no worky correctly with lack of sleepy.  Okay, time to make some content for goal #2.


4 Responses to New Edgy Layout!

  1. kaistevenson says:

    Few things. Blog absurda is probably about the most accurate thing you could have titled this. The format looks a little… off, though.
    Dream blogs are always interesting. I haven’t considered keeping one, though I’ve certainly woken up feeling inspired enough to write. I hesitate to say that I’m looking forward to hear what you’re dreaming about, but that might be too much sexy for me to handle.
    Finally, about the poem. I’m looking forward to you getting around to it. I’m really proud of how it turned out and even passed it on to my romantics professor. Hopefully he’ll hand it back during class tomorrow. I’m not really sure what I’m expecting, but feedback from a guy who knows his shit is always a good deal.
    Suppose that’s about all I got. Keep on keepin’ on.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Y… you don’t like my new format? I mean, when I first put it up I thought “blech,” but now… uhh I really hate it. Sleep deprived me playin’ a little joke.

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