In Dreams.

I’d like to share a dream from a few days ago.  I may or may not have inadvertently made a deal with the devil in my sleep.  I’ll let you be the judge of that…

A lady friend and I had been discussing making comic books.  She’d been doing superhero artwork for a long time and she asked me to do the writing.  It seemed like a pretty good idea and we immediately entered into a classic 80’s style writing montage.  We sat gesticulating wildly over a storyboard, scrawled out ideas, tossed crumpled papers into an overflowing bin, and then sat with dumbly satisfied smiles over a finished comic book.  The story went something like this: a heroine and her various super-powered sidekicks hung around drinking at bars, helping their friends move, and playing pranks on local children.  I guess we never got along to writing in any proper villians.  Still very proud of the product, we decided to pitch the comic at a super hip little indie comic joint.  The clerks loved it and took us up to their office, where they told us flat out that the comic was too big for their little store — we needed to take this to the big time.  Being the helpful sorts they were, the clerks phoned up some big time company exec.  Apparently the indie clerks had notable taste, because the exec came straightaway into the tiny office to take a look at our comic.  She also loved it, asking us to please step into her office to sign.  We said sure, and so she opened up a large demonic portal in the middle of the room, told us not to worry, and kind of nudged the pair of us through the portal.  On the other side, we all took on the forms of slightly gruesome but-still-very-obviously-made-out-of-Play-Doh dinosaurs.  We bumbled along to the exec’s office and had a brief meeting about the future of the comic.  The exec said something about not being worried about the supposed “sexist plot and imagery,” which was confusing to both my friend and me, as we’d thought the comic to be extremely progressive.  Of course, we were assured not to worry, and that the comic would be going “big places,” so we signed.  And then I woke up.

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One Response to In Dreams.

  1. kaistevenson says:

    Uhm… Well, dreams such as this explain a lot…
    So, you think that the devil is a high-ranking female executive at a comic book company, eh? Some devil.

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