Table Tennis.

Apparently some of the buildings in Flogsta have table tennis tables.  After a bout of wandering post- Swedish proficiency test, I again found myself reeled in to a night of social contact.  As a hermit, I’m always amazed at how this happens.  One minute I’m making dinner (and getting an undue amount of awe at my ability to throw frozen foods into a skillet and cohere them into a single hot food — although thank you for the amazement, Josh), the next minute I’m wandering over to a neighboring building and in the company of my friends.  I’ve barely used my phone here save for the occasional flustered correspondence with Áine, and yet I’ve still managed to find myself out and about in the light of day amongst my peers (this is, of course, a figure of speech, because as we all know, I’m not exactly awake during the few hours of light we have here in Sweden… whoops).  Now what was I talking about?  Oh yes, table tennis.  So one minute dinner, the next minute table tennis.  The ten of us paired off into opposing teams, my team taking the ultimate victory of 4/5 games.  With two players on the opposing team regressing evolution, running about the room, and making yipping animal noises, the victory was a hollow one.  I just don’t think their heads were in the game.  Come to think of it, I don’t know where their heads were, but it seemed on par with childhood.  The night ended with fancy yogurt and tea.  As I’m bad with names, I forget who was to thank for that.  It’s going to be bad when I develop alzheimers.  This memory of mine… it’s like a steel sieve.  Gotta remember to drink my blueberry juice.  I read somewhere that it’s good for something.  Memory I think.  Or the heart.  Ah, whatever it was I’m sure I’m doing wrong by it by watching things like this (not safe for work):

Speaking of science, have you read this article?  Apparently science can teleport energy now.  Only a few more years until we get transporter pads and I’ll never have to ride another plane agaiiiiin!  …  I think I’m appropriately excited.

Listening to: Did You See The Words, Animal Collective


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