Sweden’s Latest Win.

Thank you, Sweden, for reviving my interest in playing music.  A couple of nights ago (Wednesday, to be precise) I attended a little music night hosted at my friend Anna’s place (she has a piano in her room, hence ideal location).  Mostly we just fiddled around — I read some poetry, people played piano, guitar, made drums of your everyday objects and spoons, and in general just created a really unmatched vibe.  For about two hours, we’d created our own universe.  Perhaps this feeling was personally charged, although if you asked anyone else in attendance I’m sure they’d agree (ha, good luck with that, suckers! you’ll just have to take my word).  The feeling may have also been influenced by my latest purchase — a precious little 350:- black ukulele.  Maybe I shouldn’t make impromptu purchases like that, but I’d been walking home after quite a long day (running around campus trying to figure out why I’d suddenly been registered for a class I’d never signed up for and consequently getting e-mails about the course’s upcoming final, how I could get unregistered [apparently I can’t, probably], and what this will mean for my grades [although this whole concept of ‘worrying about it’ was shrugged off by the few course administrators I talked to — I guess I shouldn’t worry about it]), passed a music shop on the way to the bus, saw a few ukuleles hanging in the window, turned around and bought one.  Instantly I felt better about everything.  I took it to the music night only able to play two chords and didn’t actually use it much, but I’ve been playing it more or less non-stop over the past few days.  True, this kind of derailed my plans to go to Stockholm this weekend, but I’ve got no classes until March (really, Sweden, I’m fascinated by your approach to academics).  Anyway, here’s a picture of my latest win:

Isn’t she beautiful?  She needs a name.  Also: if anyone knows where I might rent a trumpet here in Uppsala, I’d be extremely grateful.  Needless to say — I will be looking forward to more of these music nights.

Listening to: myself play countless repetitions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow


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