Corridor in the Kitchen.

Here’s a little piece I’ve titled, “Corridor in the Kitchen,” and while, at first, the name sounds cryptic… it’s really only meant to give you a glimpse of the meals I see myself and my corridor mates create whilst in the kitchen we share.  For those of you who are familiar with the faces in my corridor, perhaps you can name some names.  I swear I’m not being mean.  I’m just wildly entertained that we all tend to cook the same things day in and day out.  I love it.

“Corridor in the Kitchen”

Fried ramen and
frozen veggies complete with
melted curry pellets and
the occasional sauteed chunks of soy.

Spaghetti with
a smattering of oil and
browned ground beef.
But ordering pizza’s easier.

Black tea,
black tea, and
more black tea.
Something different: rooibos.

But he doesn’t like to cook.

Frozen dinner,
frozen breakfast,
frozen lunch.
Doesn’t sit down to eat.

Dinners so stealthy,
I wonder
they eat.

Listening to: Ocean, John Butler


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