Bigger than myself.

Last night I started putting a couple of my poems to music.  This was actually thanks to my friend Anna (the one with the piano in her room) who, at the last ‘music night’ came up with the brilliant idea.  Anyway, I wandered by and started reading while she plunked away some tunes.  I won’t lie — most of it turned out to be awful.  I’ve got a very specific slam style in which I read a lot of my poetry and they came out clunky and awkward next to the flowing piano rhythms.  Then Anna started to play something with a bit more of a classical, haunting sound, and I started reading my poem “Do the Pages Dream?”  The tones matched.  We had our first winner.  We ran through it a couple of times to get the sound right, then had a go at some other pieces.  Again, she went with a darker sound and I jumped in with “The Buttonmaker.”  I’d had reservations about reading the piece to music, but when we got through it, I had chills.  I mean, the sound of that poem against Anna’s music was nothing short of scary.  After a few more run-throughs, we called it a night.  I’m really hoping we can get this recorded at some point, because I’d love to share it with you all.  It’s an amazing feeling to hear my words turn into something bigger than myself with just a little bit of collaboration.  Anyway, just wanted to share a bit of my creative energy.  Love and peace.

Listening to: Silverfishes, Frontier Ruckus


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