More things.

Started a new class today (Monday) — Image, Identity and New Media.  Should be pretty interesting.  More Swedish tomorrow, then developing my essay topic over the next few days for my Swedish Society and Everyday Life course for when we meet again a week from now (Monday next).  In other news: I spent a good amount of time this weekend reading Danielewski’s House of Leaves.  Very good book and I’m looking forward to getting through it over the course of this week.  Then maybe adventuring about greater Sweden this weekend?  I’d planned to do this about two weekends ago but I’d ended up with a bit of a cold.  I know, I know, this little report isn’t too interesting.  But you know what is?  This man’s entry to the 2008 Australian Society of Magicians’ annual competition.  If you enjoyed Arrested Development, prepare to have your mind blown:

Listening to: Telephone Line, ELO


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