I’m rich!

Oh… my… god you guys I’m just so excited!!  You would never believe it but today when I checked my email I discovered that I totally won £500,000.00!!!!!  My email has a spam blocker to so I know it’s not spam either!!!1  Its so cool that The-Big-Big-Lotto Team UK would pick me to win because I’m American but I guess they pick by email and guess who’s lucky email was picked mine that’s who!!!  The email was something like this “You won £500,000.00GBP. Ticket number00002765649541,Serial numberBIG-3673050706-07 and luckynumbers(46)0023/4440/20/89. Contact Benham Cole, E-mail: mrb.cole3@gmail.com” except I wited out all the numbers so you can’t steal my big winnings!!  (I know your jelous!!)  Bahamas HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!11111

<3 PEACE <3

Listening to: The Man Who Played God [Feat. Suzanne Vega], Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse


2 Responses to I’m rich!

  1. Sparrow says:

    It’s you’re, or you are, not your; and jealous, not jelous, Mr. Big-Time-Money-Winning-Rich-Guy.

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