City of Radiant Objects

At this point in the night I’m quite deep in Danielewski’s House of Leaves.  This in combination with my friend Holly’s passing comment about whether thoughts take up physical space has led me to reread a favorite short story of mine.  The story in question is Norman Lock’s “City of Radiant Objects.”  Credit where credit is due, I would never have heard of this wonderful piece of literature without my friend Kyle telling me about it in the first place.  So to my dear friends, to give definition to my gratitude for all you do would be to diminish it by limiting it.  As it is, this gratitude is ever expansive.  Ever elusive.  I hope only I repay in kind.  …  Woah, that was a bit overly genuine for my tastes.  Let me rephrase: hey suckers, feed me culture so I can brag about it later.

Anyway, here’s a link to that story:  Please excuse the website’s poor formatting.  The story can also be found on Google Books, but this link is much more concise.  Prettier on this end, if you will.  If you’d rather enjoy it in faithful formatting, look it up on Google Books for yourself, or track down a paper copy (my own copy being in Forms at War (and by my own copy I mean Kyle’s copy that he lent me (sorry you won’t be getting it back for a while, I went and ditched the country))).

Oh, and in case you missed it, Sweden took curling gold this weekend at the Olympics.  Epic 11th.

Time to catch some Z’s.

Listening to: 45th of November, String Cheese Incident


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