Video Games, Gender, and Academia

What do video games, gender, and academia have in common?  Well, the following machinima video, a movie made using a video game engine — in this case, World of Warcraft.  Now, I don’t play the game myself, but we watched this video today in class (Image, Identity and New Media).  The topic?  Gender in media.  Although some might argue the women featured in this video are sexually charged figures (being skinny with tight clothing), couldn’t one say the same about the men (muscle-y and all up in burly armor)?  These detractions aside, the video features two main characters: a man and a woman equally matched.  Although the Empress seems to have many male bodyguards, she is also fully capable of defending herself.  Thanks, World of Warcraft, for making gender equality possible.  Here’s the video:

I don’t know, what do you think?

Listening to: Legions (War), Zoë Keating

P.S. Time to officially cross The Stranger off my reading list.  Easy read and a good book, if a little bit absurdly existential.


2 Responses to Video Games, Gender, and Academia

  1. sinduriver says:

    how i can access the game

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      What, World of Warcraft? Cough up a bunch of money to Blizzard, as well as a good portion of your soul. It’s kind of like Jumanji — people get sucked in. Never to see the real world again. But it looks totally worth it, doesn’t it?

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