Top 10 Songs (To Lose Your Mind To).

Everyone’s wished at some point that his or her life had a soundtrack.  Well, imagine yours does.  And then imagine you’ve lost your sanity.  Here’s a list of the top 10 songs to lose your mind to.  I’ve tried to express a variety of mental point-breaks and think this list is just hunkydory.

10) The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
You’re in school. You’re a good student, perfect grades, perfect attendance. But you’re not in school. Are you? You’re in another world. Laughing. The realization you’ve lost it never comes. You’re crazy in the coconut.

9) Daft Punk – Technologic
One moment you’re walking down the street, maybe on your way to Best Buy for a new phone, camera, computer. Something tech. And then the routine hits you. Modern living has finally caught up with you. You snap, start repeating yourself. An endless loop. Can’t stop. A new phone, camera, computer. Something tech. Can’t stop. An endless loop.

8) String Cheese Incident – The Remington Ride
You’ve decided to start making hats — the old fashioned way. Forget why Alice met a Mad Hatter? Used to make hats out of mercury. Soon, you’ve got a nice collection of hats but work is starting to seem slimy. Then, despite your best efforts, you can’t convince your wife to climb inside that damned orange to save her life and she has to put you down.

7) Edvard Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King
You’re on a hike in a pleasantly wooded area when you suddenly get the feeling someone’s watching you, so you pick up the pace. Thing is — the faster you walk, the stronger the feeling gets. Your heart is beating faster. Pretty soon you’re hurtling through the trees, branches scratching your face, heart trying to burst its way out of your chest. You trip. The sun goes out. There are beasts on every side of you. No way out. No way out.

6) Detektivbyrån – Om Du Möter Varg
You’re on a hike in a pleasantly wooded area when you come across a strange stone wall. There’s a hole in the wall and you poke your way through. There on the other side is a wolf reading a newspaper and smoking a pipe. He grins at you and bids you to follow. You do.

5) Electric Light Orchestra – Xanadu
Imagine it — you’re walking along Venice Beach when you see this wonderful mural on a wall down an alley. All of a sudden, you think it’d be just grand if you rollerskated your way right into the mural to go hang out with Zeus and the muses. Maybe one of those muses could even be the girl of your dreams! Oh boy, wall, here you come!

4) Hey, remember that Russian dude I posted not too long ago? Imagine you’re him. Except, you’re on your way to a regular ol’ day at the office, but then, as soon as you step into the building, instead of filing tax returns, you break into song. With a goofy-ass grin on your face, nodding encouragingly to your co-workers with every note. As you’re toted off in a straight-jacket, you’re still singing.

3) Roy Orbison – In Dreams
You’re just trying to be a good neighbor. And then you’re at some stranger’s house listening to him sing into a hand light. Then you’re getting love letters from Dennis Hopper and, well, things can only go South from there.

2) Medeski, Martin & Wood – End of the World Party
Suddenly you get the feeling the world’s about to end. No sense getting all worked up about it. You have a party instead. So someone says you’ve lost your mind. Ain’t no biggie. I would lose my sanity to this song any day. This is the reason the list was made.

1) Grandaddy – Nature Anthem

This is the only song I’ve truly lost my mind to. So there I am, an innocent freshman in my dorm room. All of a sudden I hear my roommate singing. I look over and he’s dancing, too. Just singing this song. Over and over. And dancing. He didn’t stop for at least 20 minutes. Thanks, Josh. Thank you for that insanity.

Listening to: Sunburn, Muse


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