The Assassination Budget Has Been Compromised.

Wow, I’ve been horrendously busy with this media project lately.  Have to present opposition for another group tomorrow.  After also receiving peer review, the final draft will then be due the 23rd.  After that, I hope to travel.  Adventures and updates will follow.  For now I’d like to share a little cinematic gem I received the other day: Ted Knows (in four parts).  I played the part of “Overlord.”  Enjoy.

(And the credits if you would like to view them:

That is all.

Listening to: Desired Constellation, Björk


2 Responses to The Assassination Budget Has Been Compromised.

  1. Jenna H says:

    You don’t know how happy this makes me. Sonja Kinser was really good friends with my younger sister in jr. high and I would sometimes go over to her house too. T hey had this on VHS and we probably watched it like 4 or 5 times over the course of my 9-11th grade years. I always wanted to talk about it with you, but I felt kind of awkward bringing it up. So thank you for making my day with this.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Ha, yeah I think you actually have mentioned that to me before. Although I only played a small part, I will take credit as conceit. Of course, I think the person you really need to thank is Jacob Ruefer for posting the videos in the first place.

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