The Alcohol Equation.

So I was hanging out in my corridor last night (yes, being social, I know) but then didn’t end up going out because I hate the clubbing scene that tends to draw a flock as the hours progress.  So what happens when you add me plus that ukulele I bought about a month ago plus a few beers plus a night of staying in?  I play that ukulele.  And record it (then go to bed ’cause I’m sleepy but that part of the story’s boring so I won’t tell it because it would detract from the entertaining part, and, oh wait, I mean, hey look a unicorn!).  Anyway, here’s the visual equation:



“Start A Fire” – The Tiger Lillies

This song makes me giggle.  So much so that I had a bit of difficulty being intelligible at some points.  If you’re wondering what I was trying to say, take a look at the actual video (complete with lyrics and chords just a click away) here:  Dreadfully easy to play, and a load of fun, too.  Oh, and for those of you who were counting the beers missing between photo and video, that would be four.  I drank three.  The other one tasted atrocious and I’d called it quits after a few confused sips (banana bread beer, which is okay if you’re into that sort of thing, but it turns out that I’m not).  My sink got to drink that one.  Anyway, for my next trick… tracked down a few GPS coordinates around the Uppsala area.  First sunny and warm(ish) day this next week I will be going Geocaching.  Photo adventure to follow.

In other news, my friend Mar is making me dinner tonight because I’m just such a nice guy.  For those of you who don’t know her (probably anyone who actually reads this nonsense blog), she’s the one in my corridor with the log lady glasses.  Win.

Listening to: Cicatriz, The Mars Volta


2 Responses to The Alcohol Equation.

  1. Woodshed says:

    Thanks for the mention. And thanks for covering that song. I love the Tiger Lillies.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Anytime! I’ve only been playing for about a month and a half now, but ukulelehunt’s been helping me get better every day. Cheers.

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