Classicism FTW.

Speaking of video games, guess what I just rediscovered?  That’s right, it’s Bucky O’Hare.  He goes where no other rabbit would dare.  From comic book to television to the NES (which was then converted to a playable javascript).  Which brings me to my point: what ever happened to shows and games that made absolutely no flipping sense?  Bucky was a mutant green rabbit.  Things nowadays are all about teaching people useful things and life lessons (Dora the Explorer, come on) or telling an epic tale of epic proportions (Mass Effect, haven’t played it — actually avoided it because it looked too awesome).  Do I have a rational point to make about this?  No, not really.  I just hate that THIS (Classic) has turned into THIS (Edgy).  Really, Nintendo?  You’re putting the people behind Ninja Gaiden in charge of the new Metroid game?  This game looks bad, bad, bad.  It makes my brain want to bleed.  Next thing you know we’ll be seeing a new and edgy release of Battletoads (best game ever? probably).  A release where they, you know, try to give rational explanation for why the Dark Queen went renegade in the first place and then launch into an incredibly detailed backstory for our heroes Rash and Zitz.  Whatever, at least the new Metroid’s got Samus fighting space dragons again.

This post is also partly a response to Kyle’s post a few weeks back on the KGB Poetry Press on the evolution of storytelling.  Also this post is a load of horse puckey.

Listening to: Collection of Stamps, I’m From Barcelona


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