On Spring.

We had a beautiful weekend here in Sweden.  Geocaching on Friday, Harry Potter on TV, barbecue on Sunday.  Put music to poetry and jammed on my ukulele with Anna and some others a few times, too.  Made faux-tacos-proper with my corridormate Jack and then took a four or five hour fika with several others in my corridor as well: Martin, Golzar (just moved in and she gave us chocolate — Easter FTW!), and even Mar flitted in for a few moments.  We ranged topics anywhere from as deep as wizards to as superficial as the nakedness of shaving.  I swear to you dear readers, if it weren’t for Martin’s clothes, he would feel naked all the time (so says he).  The new girl even spoke some Swedish with me, which you might kind of assume might happen here in country of Sweden, but, well… as soon as someone discovers you speak English, the Swedish disappears.  It goes and hides away like all the Swedes.  Really, other than the select few I’ve mentioned just now in my little blog blurb, I rarely if ever see any of the other folks in my corridor.  I think I’ve written about this before.  Anyway, it snowed today.  Yep, April 5th and snow is falling.  After such a great weekend, too.  Buh.

One last thing: I love fika.  To those of you waiting for me back in the States: I am bringing this home.

Listening to: Ruby Dear, Talking Heads

P.S. You know something I just realized??  This…

…sounds suspiciously like this song by Adriano Celetano to make fun of how English sounds to foreigners (it’s Italian gibberish):

That is all.


2 Responses to On Spring.

  1. kaistevenson says:

    If “fika” is what Wikipedia says it is… I like it.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      It’s exactly what Wikipedia says. I haven’t had a class yet that hasn’t taken a fika break. Fika’s an institution. And it’s glorious.

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