Today’s about Meat.

I know I’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t had much time to post, so I thought I’d give you a double dose of weird on the subject of meat.  Actually, this post is inspired by Kyle’s latest rant over at the KGB.  We haven’t heard much from Brett lately.  In the words of my friend Kyle, he’s been “MIA, or perhaps even KIA, although certainly AWOL.”  In order to fuel the creative spirit of KBG, we are now in search of a new B.  And, in the spirit of meat, my first suggestion was “Bacon.”  But, yes, if you have something to contribute to the KGB Poetry Press, send a formal application our way, along with confirmation of name change if necessary.  I’ve actually got some material to post over there sometime in the next few days (allow me a little leeway, yeah?), but for now I’ll stick to what I promised: a dose of absurdity.

First of all I would encourage you to check out this Terry Bisson short story, titled “They’re made out of Meat.” This story was actually turned into a film short, which is like watching a combination of Cash Cab and a David Lynch feature.  It can be watched here.

And then there’s Jan Svankmajer, a Czech surrealist.  I watched this this morning:

That is all.

Listening to: Lion, Sound Tribe Sector 9 (seriously, I don’t know how I missed this song the first dozen times I listened to their latest album Ad Explorata, but this song is just incredible, with bass).


3 Responses to Today’s about Meat.

  1. Sparrow says:

    It’s what’s for dinner.

  2. kaistevenson says:

    How’s the dust over there?

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