You! The one who is moving now.

The other day I stumbled across a wonderful clip from Everything is Terrible, one of the best sources for terrible on the internet.  This one was from a Star Trek TNG interactive video board game.  There’s not really much else I can say about it other than I wish I owned this game.

Anyway, last night I had an interesting discussion with my corridormate Mar about living inside the internet.  With Facebook beating even Google at the internet, it looks like that living experience is turning social.  Mar and I commiserated about what a terrible thing this is.  Facebook is a direct bastardization of Dunbar’s number.  People just aren’t supposed to have so many friends.  Which is why if I have to move to the internet, I’m moving to EiT, or maybe Reddit.  Either way, somewhere terrible.

Here are some pictures from last night:

Also featured in last night’s awesome fika is Jack, our corridor’s very own Italian.  He’s helping me make sushi tonight.  Sometimes he claims that his English isn’t so good, but he knows words like “awesome” and “rad,” so he can’t be doing too badly.

Listening to: Treehouse, I’m from Barcelona


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