New theme and posts over at the KGB Poetry Press.  I’m sure you can look forward to Kyle’s addition sometime tomorrow.  Mine is up a bit early due to the Valborg celebrations going on tomorrow here in Sweden.  Actually, today is what they call “Kvalborg,” a little play on words — the Swedish word “kval” meaning “qualify.”  Basically, today is considered the qualifier match for tomorrow’s celebration.  It’s a whole day of pre-gaming tomorrow’s festivities which already include a champagne breakfast and, if weather permits, carboard boat races.  Skies are a little cloudy today, but I’m sure a little cloud cover’s never stopped a Swede.  If it did, this country would have shut down long ago.  Wish me luck.

Listening to: If I Had A Heart, Fever Ray


2 Responses to KGB

  1. MT says:

    Hej! I watched some Uppsala Y-Tube videos of Valborg celebrations including the boat races. Good luck for sure! Take picture!

  2. kaistevenson says:

    I’ve only experienced one champagne breakfast, and that was in Vegas, which is a ridiculous place in itself. I can only imagine that a day long celebration that requires an entire day of pregaming has to be a bit intense.
    My post is up, apologies for it being a tidbit late. Looking forward to comments on it and the “finished” draft of “Ultimmersion”.

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