An Implosion of the Brain

Busy busy busy.  Surprising, isn’t it?  I’ve been working on my final essay.  Okay, probably less surprising now.  Seriously, though, I’m pretty sure it’s going to cause my brain to implode.  It’s really not a tough assignment, I just haven’t been getting any sleep.  Did you know that the sun goes down around 10:30 and comes up, complete with chirping birds, just before 3 in the morning?  I know I have insomnia, but I like keeping it in the dark.  Okay, okay.  Essay’s due tomorrow.  So… my number one priority right now is to take my mind off of it.  This is not procrastination.  It’s a time honored studying technique I like to call going to the grocery store.  For candy bars.  And maybe to return some video tapes…

Listening to: Instantly, Sound Tribe Sector 9


One Response to An Implosion of the Brain

  1. kaistevenson says:

    The familiar face of insomnia… It truly is a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, sleep is a biological necessity, and without it we start to go a little bit crazy. Begrudgingly, it is also a source of inspiration and key to completing tasks we otherwise would not have the time for, and the strain that it puts on our brains forces bizarre thoughts to creep into our (near)consciousness.
    Good luck on getting that final essay completed. I’m sure you will, as you always seem to find a way. Except for that one time when you totally copped out on that paper (say what you will). I finally (finally) posted my latest poem. Strangely enough, I wrote it during my summer class, which is painfully boring. Fuck teaching methods…
    Looking forward to your comments,

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