Resident Tourist

Well, my family has arrived and I have begun my exodus from Sweden.  To be accurate, my mother, brother, uncle, and cousin showed up in Uppsala several days ago now, and we’ve already made our way to my nation’s namesake: Kalmar.  Southern Sweden by the sea is beautiful, but I have become a tourist where I once lived.  It feels strange to make the change.  Soon I will be leaving Sweden altogether.  I will dream of my return.  When, to where, and why remain a mystery, but like a great detective I will get to the bottom of it in time.  My hope is to continue my studies, but travel would do in a pinch.  But more on the times at hand: the first few days with my family were spent between Uppsala and Stockholm.  We saw the sights, spent exorbitant amounts of money, had a few drinks, and spent a little more.  I even managed to show my brother a typical Flogsta night (unfortunately sans scream) drinkin’ on a rooftop.  Here in Kalmar we’ve done more of the same, exploring the town castle while my uncle went golfing with a few Swedes we met on the bus.  One just cannot pass up that kind of opportunity.  There is more that could be said of this adventure, but I will let my photos speak for themselves.  On that note, I also highly recommend heading over to my brother’s website; he’s a much better photographer than I.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More when I have time to sift through them all…


2 Responses to Resident Tourist

  1. katherinetotten says:

    I enjoyed your slideshow of photography, garrett traylor. good job. – and on feeling of feeling like a tourist – I loathe it.

    • Garrett Traylor says:

      Sometimes tourism is unavoidable. Cheers for the support. And yeah, hopefully you’ll be getting a collection of postcards this summer.

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