Ronneby o Brunnsparken

Although by now my family and I have already moved on to Malmö, we have just spent the last few days in Ronneby, Sweden.  As my uncle has been telling everyone he meets, my great great grandfather, Henrik Madelung, was the Master Gardener for Brunnsparken in the late 18o0’s.  Together with landscaper Henry Flindt, my great great grandfather laid out the park as it remains today.  And what we saw, we had not expected to be so grand.  Brunnsparken stretches out more like a forest reserve than a local park, garnering fame as the fourth best park in Europe, number one in Sweden.  And its beauty is exquisite; a muted simplicity, stretching out over more trails than we could walk in a day.  That simplicity calls out to the wandering spirit, begging every twist and turn be explored.  If my family hadn’t pressed me to continue on, I may have stood dumbfounded for hours.  Although I haven’t seen the fruits of my brother’s camerawork, I am skeptical of any photo’s ability to capture the sheer expanse of the park.  Part of its beauty is in that expanse, the park worthy of a personal visit.  That said, I do have a few more photos from the past few days.  And if you would like to read more about Brunnsparken, Anna Jakobsson wrote a dissertation on experiencing landscapes, focusing on the park; it can be found here.

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