Some thoughts.

Here are a few things I’ve thought since my return:

Why are the streets built for machines here?
Why is there so much water in the bowl?
Why are liquor stores open so late?
Why can’t I buy beer at the library anymore?
What’s with all the corn?
Why can I now hear a Midwestern accent? Do I have this?
Why does Sweden suck so much at Mexican food?
Why can’t I find a sushi place on every corner, instead of a Starbucks?
Why does no one fika?
Why do people have to make and have plans?
Hulu works again, the question is: Why should I care?
Do people really drink that much water at restaurants?
Why can’t the States have a monarchy, too? Celebrities are boring.


One Response to Some thoughts.

  1. Goli says:

    I like this blog from the mind of Garrett Traylor. I also have a lot of questions about this land called Sweden. Oh well, what would we do without all these questions.

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